The Sunlander

This article is taken from a Queensland Education Department Social Studies text book, Grade IV, from the 1960's. It shows how Queensland's educators viewed the State's premier train, the Sunlander.

"All aboard! All aboard! Stand clear, please! Stand clear!"

The call came over the loud-speaker and hushed the voices crying "Goodbye", "Good luck", "Be a good boy". Now faces peered out through the closed windows, bright eyes taking a last look at the brightly-lit platform.

Again the warning voice was heard; the train was almost ready to depart. Hurrying porters saw that all was secure.

The guard's shrill whistle brought an answering toot from the great diesel engine.  Slowly, at first, the wheels turned, then quickly gathered speed; the Sunlander was off on its thousand-mile journey

Tourists from the southern States, visitors from overseas and folk of our own State chattered and began to make friends. Some were soon in the beds all fresh and ready waiting for them; while others settled down to make themselves comfortable in the big, padded leather seats.

From; Queensland Education Departmentís 1960ís era Social Studies-Grade 1V.textbook P 47



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